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Why Am I Running?

I am focused on making a difference for Buda no matter where you live in Buda. I will provide a voice at the table for citizens who feel their voices are not being heard. And I plan to be diligent in asking questions to ensure a full understanding of the issues in order to make informed decisions.

The road ahead has many challenges and we need to be diligent and address them head-on. We have to address keeping Buda moving as traffic is a big issue here, ways to keep taxes from climbing as we grow by recouping more of our state and federal dollars, and providing equitable services to citizens of East Buda.

After speaking with some of my Buda neighbors, here are three primary concerns they shared that they would like to see me address when elected to Buda City Council:

1. Bring home more of our state and federal tax dollars to Buda to help fund infrastructure.

2. Work to help pass the bond which has funding to bring equitable access to amenities in East Buda.

3. Work to help pass the bond for funding to get traffic moving. Creating an alternative solution to relieve congestion at 967/1626 by adding a dedicated right-turn lane at the intersection.


Keeping Buda, Buda-Strong

Getting Buda Moving, Keeping Taxes Low and Representing ALL Citizens of Buda

The Why: Issues
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