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Why I Support LaVonia
Buda City Council

Testimonials: Welcome

"She will be your advocate and servant leader."

Debra D.

"Her diverse background and experience paired with her love of her community make her the best candidate we have had to represent our interests in local government."

Pablo P.

"She is a committed leader with the spirit and tenacity to get the job done."

David T.

"I never looked to celebrities or athletes to be my role models. The only person I have ever viewed as a role model for the person I want to be is LaVonia Horne-Williams."

Lauren W.

"She has the leadership, she has shown dedication, and she certainly has the tenacity to serve your community."

Tamela S.

"When the candidates for the upcoming election began making themselves known, I began my search for those I would support. I’ve never been beholdened to any single political philosophy and I’ve never chosen to support a candidate because of an “R” or a “D” behind their name. I seek out those who have proven - by way of their actions... not what they say in a social media post - that they are seeking to serve with pure intention. I am drawn to those who have acted selflessly in their pursuits. I found this locally in LaVonia. Other than her volunteer work in Buda, she has served as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). For those of you who don’t know what a CASA is, they are quite possibly the single most important person in the world to a child in state care with CPS. The CASA is the only person who gets to be heard by the court. And their only function is to be an advocate for the child’s best interest. It is time consuming. They visit with the child and with the child’s caregivers. They get to know these kids - sometime they are the only true relationship a child in care has. They complete detailed reports. And they attend court. This is all done with zero compensation and oftentimes, zero recognition. This is the person that LaVonia is. She is selfless in her pursuits. She is pure of heart. And she wants to serve the citizens of Buda for nothing more than to make their lives and their city, better. You can’t beat that single quality in any elected official."

Arron M.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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